The New Shape of Cross-Border M&A

Medium-sized companies seeking to grow have traditionally looked to near neighbours. Buying a local rival might seem natural and straightforward but when a business is well established in its home country, the logical next step is to look beyond its own borders.


How an increasing focus on ESG impacts M&A

Whether you sell or buy a company, at some point you will have to bring ESG into the equation. Environmental, Social and Governance issues increasingly affect deals, so investors and financial institutions have to pay more and more attention to them. Christoph Schlotthauer, Managing Partner COFFRA and a member of Moore Global Corporate Finance, explains why and how ESG is no longer a soft topic, but defines the quality or the valuation of a deal. It may even turn out to be a dealbreaker.

Cross-border due diligence: a key to success

As a rule of thumb, ignoring due diligence in a cross-border transaction equals heading for disaster. “Never ever does a due diligence result in a blank sheet of paper, without comments, corrections or concerns”, says Pieter Poortvliet, director at Moore Corporate Finance Netherlands (in The Netherlands also known as Crossminds). “Even though due diligence rarely leads to a deal being called off, there is often a correction to the sale price. In almost all cases, due diligence ensures the expansion of the warranties and indemnities in the sales agreement – in order to mitigate the buyer’s risks.” Since acquisitions are by definition high risk investment decisions, due diligence is crucial.

Mid-range transactions need sharp minds

Thanks to his large experience with and deep understanding of how multibillion dollar businesses cope with transactions, Asaf Ravkaie now has a privileged position as Managing Partner of Moore Israel to accompany midsize companies looking for a successful cross border M&A. “Unlike big firms that – often constantly – skim the market looking for acquisitions, small and midsize enterprises don’t know exactly what to expect from both the process and the result. Yet it is crucial they prepare the process of selling meticulously.”